How do I create a "Advanced" Microsoft SQL Server Bound Book?

"Advanced" refers to authentication model. The "Advanced" authentication model allows multiple users to login to the Bound Book and also allows the users to be restricted via predefined application roles.

  • Open EZ Arms Keeper
  • Go to File->New
  • Select the “Microsoft SQL Server” Bound Book Type.
  • Enter the Server Name of the Microsoft SQL Server Instance. An easy way to discover the name of Microsoft SQL Servers on the network is to choose the “<Browse for more…>” drop down option
  • Enter or select the Server Name
  • Check the “Advanced Authentication” check box. This is very important, if the box is not checked you will end up creating a “Normal” SQL Bound Book and it will not have the ability to configure multiple users / roles
  • Choose the method connection method and enter appropriate database server credentials to create a new bound with.
  • Specify the Bound Book Name

That’s all there is to creating the book. By default the user specified above is the “Owner” of the SQL Server Bound Book database that was created on the server. At the moment there is only one user configured for this bound book and that is the user that created it.

In order to configure other users to open the bound book refer to “Configuring Users / Roles in an Advanced SQL Bound Book”.