What are the Bound book limitations?

EZ Arms Keeper does not limit the number of Bound Books that you can create. However, you can only have one Bound Book open at a time.

There are limits depending on the Bound Book Type being used:

  • A File Bound Book limits the maximum file size to 4GB.
  • The Microsoft SQL Server Bound Book is limited by the version of Microsoft SQL Server being used.
    • Microsoft SQL Server Express version limits the size to 10GB.
    • The full version of Microsoft SQL Server has an upper size limit around 500,000 TB.

There is no arbitrary limit to the number of Acquisitions / Dispositions that are allowed in a Bound Book. The total number will vary by the amount of data recorded per acquisition / disposition. However, practically speaking you should be able to create to up to approximately 2 million acquisitions and 2 million dispositions with the most limited Bound Book Type.