How do I import an existing File Bound Book into a SQL Server Bound Book?

  • Open EZ Arms Keeper
  • Go to File->Open
  • Select a File Bound Book to Open
  • Go to File->Import->Into New Bound Book
  • Select the “Microsoft SQL Server” Bound Book Type
  • Enter the Server Name of the Microsoft SQL Server Instance.

An easy way to discover the name of Microsoft SQL Servers on the network is to choose the “<Browse for more…>” drop down option.

  • Enter or select the Server Name
  • Check the Advanced Authentication for a “Advanced” SQL Bound Book or leave the box unchecked for a “Normal” SQL Bound Book
  • Choose the method connection method and enter appropriate database server credentials to create a new bound with
  • Specify the Bound Book Name
  • If you like you can also specify a Bound Book Password.

This is completely optional. If don’t specify a password EZ Arms Keeper will automatically open the last open Bound Book when the program is started.

If you do specify a password when EZ Arms Keeper is automatically opening the last bound book you will need to specify this password as well as anytime you go to File->Open and choose this bound book.

That’s it. You now have an exact copy of your File Bound Book as an SQL Bound Book.

Note: EZ Arms Keeper automatically opens the new SQL Bound Book and you can add items to it now just like a File Bound Book