How do I Configure Microsoft SQL Server to allow remote connections?

This article assumes you have a Microsoft SQL Server instance installed and running. 

If not then take a look at How Do I Install A Microsoft SQL Server?

Type SQL Server Configuration Manager into your Windows Search Bar

If you don't see SQL Server Configuration Manager you can directly run the program from the following locations

SQL Server Configuration Manager will launch with the following screen

Select TCP/IP, then right click and select Enable

You will be prompted "Any changes made will be saved; however, they will not take effect until the service is stopped and restarted"

Right click on the row and select Restart

Your SQL Server Instance will now allow remote connections

Install Rules - Click the Next button

Uncheck the Azure Extension for SQL Server Option and Click the Next button

Name your Database Service Instance (Suggested)

If all goes well you will have a successful SQL Server install, Click the close button

Your Microsoft SQL Server is now ready to use with EZ Arms Keeper