How do I transfer a Bound Book from an old computer to a new computer?

Old Computer:

  • Go to File->Export->To New Bound Book

  • Save the file to your desktop. Choose a name for the file that makes sense to you.

  • Make sure to change the file extension from .FFLBak to .FFL.

  • Copy the exported file to a location that you can get to on the other computer. This could be a:

    • Cloud Service (Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, iCloud, etc.) or

    • Attach the file via email that you can access on the new computer or

    • Copy the file to a USB thumb drive / USB stick.

New Computer:

  • Create directory to store the bound book file.

  • On the C drive create a folder called EZ Arms Bound Book.

  • Double click on the file you copied in there and EZ Arms Keeper will automatically open and start using this bound book file.

Now you are ready to use EZ Arms Keeper on the new computer.

Note: The old computer and new computer are not using the same bound book. Any changes made to either computer are completely independent of one another.