Big R Stores


With 11 locations handling firearms, we have spent a lot of money on record keeping with paper. Everyone knows how much of a chore the “Bound Book” is to keep up to date and accurate. Add to that the time spent making sure your 4473’s match the book and you end up spending more time doing paperwork than selling guns.

EZ Arms Keeper has cut record keeping time by 75% and accuracy has increased to 100%. The program has paid for itself in 1 month at our distribution center in reduced labor and has kept flawless records of what came in and went where.

At the stores the program has increased accuracy while saving time. The integrated e4473 makes firearms identification a scan of a barcode. The integration of electronic NICS cuts the time to do a background check by 80% as well. The search form is auto-filled for the most part, re-typing the customer’s name and a couple of clicks and you get a result in the time it would take you to walk to the phone to call it in.

If you are still using paper you are wasting labor. But I won’t complain as it will keep you busier doing paperwork while my guys are busier selling guns.

Lonny Wilcox

Loss Prevention/ ATF Compliance Manager

Theisens Supply Inc


We had an ATF audit this week. The ATF sent 2 agents and planned on spending 2 ½ days at our store. With the organization and easy to print and read reports they were finished in less than 5 hours and our audit was great. The computerized 4473 forms are easy for them to read and verify they are correct. I would definitely recommend EZ Arms.

Thank you,

Dan Connolly

Seekins Precision, LLC


One thing I have always dreaded is paperwork, logging in and out firearms and trying to keep everything perfect so when the ATF stops by I could wow them with whatever they want to see. Now imagine logging in and out 300 or 500 lower receivers at a time! Sounds like a fun, two days of work that I don't need added to my schedule. The ATF passed a rule a while ago that you could use electronic means of record keeping as long as you meet their rules. We started with Excel until we were told it wasn't legal by them!

I couldn't find anything that was made for what I needed unless it was by some engineer that had no understanding about the process. I wanted something dirt simple so anyone that just purchased their first computer could use it as well as comply with all of what the ATF wanted.

I have been using EZ Arms keeper for around 6 months and its saved me a ton of hours.

Glen Seekins


Interfor USA Group, Inc.


Interfor USA is a company specialised in import export of firearms between the US and Europe and keeping tabs on the various different regulations could be a nightmare. EZ Arms keeper solved all US compliance and registration problems, moreover populates 4473 forms and performs NICS Check without the need to re input data every time, saving a lot of operator time and preventing potential input mistakes. The only defect I could find; they don’t make an Apple Mac version (yet) but I solved the problem buying a PC just to run it, but it was worth that any day. And, finally, last but not least their customer service. I had to change PC and reinstalled the software at late afternoon when I realized I had lost my activation key; I contacted EZ Arms Keeper to get help but did not expect to receive an answer till following morning. I was answered an hour later will all the necessary data. I personally don’t like Windows OS, but this software is worth the effort any day.

Keep up the good work guys !

Simone Ciucchi - owner Interfor Usa Group



For almost 10 years, we ran a hardcopy bound book system with manual acquisitions/dispositions. This was fine until we began growing our rifle business to the point of this becoming an almost full-time job for one person. Add to that the internal audits we run to ensure compliance, inevitable typographical errors, etc.; and something had to change. I evaluated 7 different electronic A&D log book systems and ultimately selected EZ Arms Keeper based on the combination of features that were necessary for our business. Since implementation of this software, what previously consumed several hours of time every day now takes just minutes. Additionally, our books are more accurate than they ever were, as much of the human error is no longer possible due to the way the EZ Arms Keeper database prevents duplication. Due to product features, customer service/support, and the low cost of ownership, I would recommend EZ Arms Keeper to anyone looking for an electronic A&D system!

Mike Lake

Senior Manager

MAD Firearms


When getting into the firearms business, one of our primary concerns was keeping our paperwork clean and compliant. After evaluating multiple electronic A&D/e4473 options - we were able to settle on EZ Arms Keeper. From the integration with NICS information auto-population, FFL EZ Check form auto-population and the newest and most interesting features to us - eSignature, it was a home run for us.

We were able to get up and running in just a few days, requesting a variance from the ATF for eSignature and working with EZ Arms on the initial setup. EZ Arms was very responsive through the evaluation period to our questions and concerns.

Utilizing EZ Arms Keeper we are able to eliminate common mistakes in the 4473 process, it simply will not let our customers make those common mistakes from the paper 4473 days.

We could not ask for more from the software or support and hope to continue doing business with EZ Arms well into the future.

Thank you again!

Mike Dye

MAD Firearms

Select Arms


I hesitated for years before getting into the firearms business. My biggest concern was the fact that everyone harped on the complexities and time consuming nature of the recordkeeping process. After taking the plunge and joining the industry I searched for an affordable and effective means of addressing my record keeping concerns. As someone who has always been adverse to admin type protocol it was imperative that the system I chose had to be quick and easy to use.

I purchased EZ Arms Keeper and was immediately able to understand the process and how the software interacted with my recordkeeping. This system enabled me to manage my A & D Log using the supplied data bases with minutes. EZ Arms Keeper has continued to keep the record keeping process very stream lined and accurate. It also allows me to keep multiple logs to manage different aspect of my business. I would recommend this software to anybody getting into the Firearms industry.

Mike Cooper

Select Arms

Midwest Gun Works


Here at Midwest Gun Works we were in search of a product for electronic record keeping, because the traditional pen and paper method was getting to be too time consuming. While searching for a solution we found that there were numerous products on the market but they did not do everything we needed them to do.

Since we have implemented EZ Arms about a year ago, it has made the process of logging in and logging out firearms much more efficient. EZ Arms also has made it easier to keep track of everything. EZ Arms is always prompt regarding technical support. All you have to do is send an email and you usually receive a very prompt response. I could not recommend this product enough. The software is extremely easy to learn and use. If you are in doubt just download the free trial that is fully functional to see for yourself.

Thank you

Midwest Gun Works

Stonefire Arms, LLC


Thank You EZ Arms keeper, your software has saved us so much time in logging firearms and FFL contacts and its so simple to use anyone can do it. No computer experience needed.

We use this software for tracking FFL's and firearms. We have a lot of customers call in to verify we received their FFL or who we have on file in their area. We can easily and quickly look it up by name or sort by city.

Whether your doing 1 or 100 acquisitions/ dispositions it only takes a few minutes and makes transfers very easy with the 4473 form and the FBI nics check integrated, no more waiting on the phone for nics checks.

This is by far the best software available for an electronic "bound book"

Thank You

Dwayne Palmer


Wells Custom Gunmakers, LLC.


We have been using EZ Arms Keeper for almost two months and we absolutely love it! We had been using Aimi Epro from Coloseum Software for the previous five years and we were constantly having issues with the program and the customer service. With EZ Arms Keeper, it has been the complete opposite. The program has been so easy to use, so user friendly that I can't say enough good things about it. On the occasions when I have had questions, I simply submit an email and I have a response back within minutes. EZ Arms was even able to tweak the program for me to print out a special report that I requested. Now my whole shop is barcoded and I can do inventory in about an hour. I would recommend this program to any shop looking to use an electronic bound book program.

Ami Wells

Grundhauser Gun Works


Dear EZ Arms,

I have been using the EZ Arms Keeper for a few weeks now and can't believe how powerful of a tool this is for the cost. Until now we had three A&D paper books and at times it has gotten very confusing and time consuming making entries. Now with this software it takes very minimal effort to comply with Federal regulations plus productivity has increased due to our ability to barcode our firearms.

Your contact support has been amazing and it was a no brainier to list you on our website as our top choice for an electronic A&D firearms record book which reside on our stores computer, certainly this increases the security over the so called "Cloud" applications.

"Best value for the dollar & simplest to use", Thank you.....

Paul Grundhauser

Grundhauser Gun Works

Xpress Guns


Here at Xpress Guns we have tried several other electronic firearm logs and have found them to be very hard to use with virtually no “support” if you needed help. Conversely, we have found EZ Arms Keeper to be very user friendly and this program has reduced the time we spend logging firearms in and out by at least seventy-five percent. I did have one problem logging on, and even though it was Sunday, I received immediate assistance, who can ask for more than that!!

Dan Hebert

Estate Auctions Services, LLC


Just a quick note to let you know how much Betti Helen and I appreciate what you have done for us as we are becoming more active in the sales of firearms. Your EZArms program seems to do everything we need to accomplish in the acquisition and dispersal of firearms.

As you know, we are an auction house, so we do not sell firearms on a daily basis. Our sales come in spurts as we have a sports-related auction. The EZArms program allows for quick and accurate input, so we are still able to get the entry done on the day of the auction.

We especially appreciate your help in making a few changes to accommodate our specific needs. Since we are new to the industry, the changes helped us a great deal.

Thanks and we wish you continued success.


Mac Buhler

Manager, Estate Auctions Services, LLC